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The Crusader has smite meta melee and magical methods of wreaking righteous destruction, with excellent Area-of-Effect offensive capability. They also possess an aura that can automatically debuff or damage nearby enemies, and can create consecrated ground that burns foes and heals allies. Granted automatically as you level up in the destiny. Passive: You gain Cleric, Favored Soul, smite meta Paladin Caster Levels equal in your level in Divine Crusader. 10 Hit points, and Your Base Attack Bonus is equal to your total Character Level. Toggle: Every 3 Seconds While Active: Nearby enemies gain a stack of Purification. Purification: -1 Attack Damage, -2 Spell Power, smite meta up to 25 times. Note: Attack damage cannot be reduced below 1.

smite meta style=

Whenever an enemy who was recently affected by your Aura of Purification smite meta slain, nearby allies are healed for Positive Energy equal to the CR of the smite meta enemy. Zeal of the Righteous Icon. Active Ability: Gain 50 stacks of Righteous Zeal. Decays smite meta 1 stack every 3 seconds, and is not lost by resting. Abilities in this tier can be purchased after taking the Divine Crusader destiny. All abilities below have 1 rank unless otherwise listed. Your offensive spells cause enemies to gain a stack of Purification. This affects each enemy up to once per 2 seconds.

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